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Staff Code of Conduct

The Bal Gurukul Public School Kangoo is a friendly school and staff members are encouraged to support the students in a professional way. Teachers are expected to familiarize themselves with notices on display in school so that they can help to maximize the benefits of their student’s language travel experience etc. We expect staff to behave appropriately at all times and to show cultural sensitivity at all times. We respect everybody, irrespective of age, gender, nationality, marital status, beliefs or sexual orientation. Staff must act within the law at all times, in particular with regard to the taking of drugs or alcohol and sexual relations.

General Interaction
Build professional relationships with students that are based on trust and positive communication. Be ready to offer guidance to help students interpret their new cultural situation. Praise students for appropriate behavior and attitudes.

Do not access inappropriate internet content on school computers or the WiFi network.

Transporting students
Teachers are allowed to transport students in our own private vehicle.

Alcohol and drugs
Do not promote the drinking of alcohol or the use of drugs. Take every opportunity to remind students:
1.  That the taking, selling and buying of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin and amphetamines is illegal.
2.  Not to buy or take any substance offered as a ‘legal high’, these can be extremely dangerous.
3.  Students/Teachers are subjected to show up in front of the disciplinary committee if found guilty of taking drugs or alcohol in the school premises, adequate action against the students / Teachers will be taken by the disciplinary committee and school management.

There is a uniform dress code for all the teachers they should stay stick to that and other more over teachers should be clean, tidy and dress appropriately, as professionals and representatives of the school. Teachers are not supposed to expose too much flesh; tattoos and piercings are acceptable provided that they are not overly on display.

Preventing Radicalization and Extremism
The Bal Gurukul Public School promotes a safe, multi-cultural environment with clear expectations of accepted behaviors and those behaviors, including radicalization and extremism, that will not be tolerated.
You should be aware of the importance of your own behavior and professionalism in being exemplars of Indian values.

Bal Gurukul Public School is an attempt to bridge the future of its students. The nurturing of a child’s academic curiosity and development will be at the center of what we seek to achieve. The new academic session will commences from April every year. Kindly refer to the admission notice for more details.