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Professional Development and Training Policy Statement

The Bal Gurukul Public School-Kangoo, promotes and encourages continuing personals and professionals, we always try to find out the area of development and try to ensure the indivisual’s development at all levels of the organization. We have a separate policy with the name of Professional Development Guidance for Academic Teaching Staff, Administration and Support Staff.
We organize the performance review meets on all level and discuss the points with the staff individuals where they are lacking.
We always ask our staff members to evaluate themselves on following points:
1.  Take responsibility for their own professional development
2.  Self-identify areas for improvement / development
3.  Determine strategies that support their professional development
We always identify the lack of required skills; staff is assisted with training and given a reasonable time to reach the required standard. We also ask our staff to carry or achieve the skill set which is required or imposed by the HPBOSE various other authorities/ local bodies and we help our teaching / administration or support staff to achieve the skill set in every possible manner.