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Recommendations to Parents

1.  A child’s success in school depends very much on the co-operation of the school and home. The school alone can achieve very little if there is no support from the parents.
2.  Parents are earnestly requested to co-operate with the school in enforcing regularity and discipline. They should see that their child / children prepare their lessons and take interest in the activities of the school.
3.  If a pupil is likely to be absent due to illness or any other reason, the Principal must be informed in writing at the earliest.
4.  Complaints must be addressed directly to the Principal.
5.  As far as possible, arrange holidays and outgoing by keeping the school calendar in mind.
6.  When you come to school to drop your children, it is important for you to be dressed properly and not to be in night clothes.
7.  You are not permitted to visit your child’s classroom during school hours.
8.  Kindly ensure that your child does not bring comics, periodicals, pictures or any such material to school that does not pertain to his / her academics.
9.  Please be regular in attending Parents Teacher Meeting as they bond you better with the teacher teaching your child.
10.  All articles in the possession of your child should be labeled with the child’s name Roll Number, Section & class.
11.  Please do not buy expensive stationery or any such articles that can lead to your child developing a superiority complex or an ostentatious attitude.
12.  Electronic gadgets / mobile if found with a student will be confiscated and not returned and a disciplinary warming will also be issued for the same.
13.  Do not give too much money to your children to spend. Give them affixed regular pocket money which will teach them valuable values like learning to spend in a limited manner, planning their budget and realizing the value of the money that they have.
14.  As English is an international language but not the mother tongue of our children, extra efforts need to be made o develop fluency in speaking it. While giving due respect to the vernacular and the national language, it is desirable to ensure that children converse in English as much as possible at home.
15.  Television viewing time for the children should be carefully monitored. Often children tend to watch all kinds of programmes which inculcate a wrong set of values at an early age. Sometimes family dramas and serials can also give wrong messages. Please ensure that your children only watch programmes suitable to their age and that to for a limited time. T.V. programmes should enrich their general knowledge.
16.  Avoid criticizing the teacher or school in the presence of your child because it causes the student to lose his/her respect for the teacher resulting in the failure to learn from him/her. If you have a legitimate complaint, you should see the Principal.